The Key

from by Leeroy Djentkins



Drifting off I begin to nod, and long after my heavy eyes are closed, the hazy veil of sleep is pierced by the certainty of realization and suddenly a familiar voice calls for me: Can't you see? You've spent your time focused on the frivolous and transient things in life. Treasuring the material, and all the while letting your happiness depend on the approval of others. You've become no more than flesh allowing fear to consume you, for fear will destroy you once you realize everything you value is temporary. You sought fulfillment but pursued satisfaction. You scoffed at your neighbor and forgot your own faults. The fulfillment of life is not up to circumstance to decide for you or chance to smile upon you but for you only to choose. Search inside yourself and you will find the answer you've been looking for. Then in a flash I begin to see a vision of the man I could be, breaking through the walls of doubt and fear I've built around me. The joy of this vision builds up inside and overwhelms me, with the sight of this man transcending the bounds of time and living forever. My path has been found, my doubt has been vanquished but the hard part has only just begun. For it is one thing to know your destination, and another to have the will to reach it.


from Dyssomnia, released August 23, 2012
Lyrics and vocals by Ted Nieuwsma



all rights reserved


Leeroy Djentkins San Jose, California

Leeroy Djentkins has been recording music for the past few years, and released a four-song instrumental demo EP, entitled "Dual Spires" in early 2012. Our first full-length album of original material, "Dyssomnia" was released in August of 2012. The follow-up album "Son of Dust" is due out sometime in 2014. ... more

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