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I am weary and drained but as I lay my head to rest the terror strikes me. Fear is running through my veins and it's becoming part of my blood. The very air I breathe is filled with the toxic fumes of doubt. I cannot be at ease in this dark, there is no repose in the void. How can I go on living when I can't even sleep in peace? How do I even know I'm awake? This is merely a manifestation of the sum of my instability. I am convinced that isolation is the greatest tool of the demons, and these demons are of my sole creation. They haunt my every waking moment, and yet it feels so much easier to give in to the fear. But all the while I hear a voice I've not let in: This fear I will relieve, go to sleep. I do not recall the feeling of rest, I've long forgotten the feeling of any tranquility. Something tells me it is within my grasp, but my frustrating nature paralyzes my abilities. The days and nights have blended into a single numbing experience. Reality has slipped away from me. Am I now in a dream?


from Dyssomnia, released August 23, 2012
Lyrics and vocals by Ted Nieuwsma



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Leeroy Djentkins San Jose, California

Leeroy Djentkins has been recording music for the past few years, and released a four-song instrumental demo EP, entitled "Dual Spires" in early 2012. Our first full-length album of original material, "Dyssomnia" was released in August of 2012. The follow-up album "Son of Dust" is due out sometime in 2014. ... more

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